At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, I was the Art Director for Corona beer, working with Mutato at Draftline São Paulo of Ambev Brewery. Our challenge was to communicate as a beer brand sharing the same name with the virus without harming the brand's image on social media. To avoid negative comments, we created the "Rediscovering Paradise" campaign, promoting wellness and travel to Brazil's paradisiacal beaches. We offered discounts to those who registered their Corona bottles on our landing page, booking many hotels for future trips post-pandemic. Launched in Brazil, Canada, Chile, India, and the UK, the campaign resulted in about 14,000 reservations in over 1,000 hotels, supporting small hospitality businesses and boosting tourism.
Rediscovering the Paradise
Purple Wave
When International Women's Day was approaching, we saw a unique opportunity to celebrate women breaking boundaries in sports. Our idea was to inspire the next generation of female surfers by delivering motivational messages to girls who were just starting out. We executed it in a way that was impossible to ignore, in march before the start of the covid pandemic. 

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